Sehsucht er et utroligt inspirerende firma der laver laver motion graphics i den absolut højeste ende.
De tager deres arbejde meget alvorligt. Selvom de laver noget af det mest sprudlende og levende motion graphics man kan forestille sig, er menneskerne bag meget alvorlige.

De tager deres arbejde meget seriøst, og er derfor også en anelse tørre at høre på. Men så snart man ser hvad de er i stand til, tilgiver man deres præsentationsstil, og overgiver sig fuldstændig.

Det jeg fik ud af deres oplæg er, hvor vigtigt interaktionen med en kunde er. De sender konstant alt hvad de laver til deres kunder, for at få dem godkendt. På den måde ender de med et produkt, hvor kunden ikke beder om rettelser, fordi han har været involveret i processen hele tiden.

Sehsucht er tyske, og de opfylder alle fordomme man kan have om nøjsomhed og arbejdsmoral.
De besidder en ufattelig disciplin.
De har været venlige nok til at lave denne “making of” videoer, om en af deres projekter. Den giver en god indsigt i deres arbejdsprocesser.

Hele deres portofølge er værd at checke ud

Sehsucht er et levende bevis på hvor langt man kommer med disciplin og struktur. Dette er ikke noget der hæmmer kreativiteten, men tværtimod får den til at blomstre.

Linda Zacks

Who is Linda Zacks?

Linda Zacks is an award-winning thinker, storyteller and image-maker. She is currently living in Brooklyn, New York. She has been churning out an eclectic mix of work from her creative lab, called extra-oomph, since 2004.
She has created campaigns, posters, videos, alphabets, illustrations, paintings and a growing arsenal of her own unique work.

She is a graduate of Brown University and worked as a Design Director for before doing her own thing with projects for Sony Style, Adobe, INQ Mobile, and the Newport Beach Film Festival among others.

Specialties: Art direction, design, typography, visual storytelling, original content, concept development, copywriting, illustration, fine art, photography.

Latest Works




Get in touch with Linda Zacks

PHONE: 917-805-5773
ONLINE: Facebook / Linkedin

750 Grand Street #4H
Brooklyn, Noo Yawk


Radical Friend

Radical Friend is a LA-based team consisting of the two directors Kirby McClure and Julia Grigorian. They first met in art school where they started collaborating and shared similar ideas.

The team works with live action, especially music videos, as well as live installations and web based interactive worlds. What makes their work interesting especially for an interactive designer’s perspective is the fact that they work with interaction as a key element.

For example when doing a music video they often make a component interactive version of the video, to engage the viewer deeper in the surreal universes they tend to create.

An example of this is a video they did for the indie-rock band Yeasayer’s song called “Ambling Alp”, where they made an alternative version. Certain scenes were shot with a 360-camera allowing the user to move the camera around and in that way get a sense of being in the scene.

Style and inspiration
Radical Friend’s visual style is “psychedelic and otherworldly” and they explore themes such as life, nature, death and the co-existing of humans and technology.

The Digital Flesh
The team take existing technology and use it in new ways.
A good example is a mobile installation that they did in 2010 called “The Digital Flesh”. The installation traveled around the world and would 3d scan the faces of its visitors. The scans were then combined into one digital entity, an ever-evolving organism, melding together the physical and the virtual world. The organism could be visited online or in reality, as a hologram, at the final event in Beijing.

Innovative technology
Because of Radical Friend’s innovative use of technology and for taking music videos to a new level, they have been mentioned in several huge magazines, such as New York Times, as someone you should definitely keep an eye on in the “Youtube Age”.



Interview 1:
Interview 2:

“Ambling Alp – Interactive version”:

“The Digital Flesh”: and




Snask – a Design and Branding Agency in Stockholm.

Snask is a small studio with 8 people and interns. Snask started in 2007 when Magnus and Freddie studied graphic design.

The two students decided to start their own business with the goal to create eye-catching and bold design.

Snask works mainly with stop-motion and has created films for a number of major brands.

Below are mentioned:

H&M, Folkoperan, Sony and L’loreal.


A case worth mentioning is the stop-motion film they did for Folkoperan.

It’s call “Love at Folkoperan”. They made a stop-motion film to advertise two operas.

It took 4 days and the music is done by the opera orchestra. The film was nominated Best Animation 2011 at Roygalan.

See the film:

And watch Snask showreel:


Meet Snask

If you want to meet Snask live – they will visit the “We Love Graphic Design” seminar October in Copenhagen.

Check out for tickets.


Snask online: &

Contact: (for interns)

Read more about Snask at:




In short: Wechoosefun describe them self as the agency developing the projects everybody would like to work on 😉

in long: They are an agency from Barcelona working on delivering innovative experiences in the fields of advertising, art and entertainment.

They work on mediums and formats like:

* Interactive installations
* iPhone applications
* Shop windows
* Interactive events
* Showrooms
* The web, of course
* Those not created yet. We will work on them

Recently they started creating iPhone games and applications, taking care of the whole the process from story development, character design, game programming all the way through to sindication and distribution.

They have worked on projects in several locations around the world: (Spain, China, USA, Italy, France). It helped them to develop a higly finetuned production process, in order to be able to meet the challenging demands of working in difficult and strange enviroments.

Their mission is to deliver innovative experiences in the fields of branding, advertising, and arts & entertainment.




Vice Magazine commissioned us the creation of this interactive installation for Adidas Originals to be set up in two festivals in Spain: Primavera Sound 2011 in Barcelona and SOS 4.8 in Murcia.
In a custom set “Wechoosefin” put 16 cameras oriented to the same point that shoot at the same time after a countdown. Those pictures are put secuentially together to create a mini movie where visitors could see themselves floating in the air. Optionally, the background is removed to add a promotional image of the brand.
After this process, the visitor goes to the computer at the exposition area where he can share this movie in Facebook o send it by e-mail.
This process takes less than 30 seconds and is fully automatic. Four computers where needed to perform all tasks, coordinated to the millisecond to capture the same moment and process the resulting information to make it available to the visitors of the stand.


To launch their new sneakers collection (under the motto “Not made for running, great for kicking asses”), Diesel created the “Diesel Kick Ass Competition”, an event that would tour 7 locations in Spain and Portugal looking for the best “Ass Kickers”

“Wechoosefun” made a portable cabinet which included a camera, a computer and an internet connection that could be placed anywhere.
Users would log into Facebook using the computer – and a very agile interface. Then they would select the friend to whom they would like to kick their ass.
The kick would then be recorded and uploaded to the website and shared in his and his friend’s Facebook wall. Kicks could be viewed, voted and returned using our Facebook application.

“Wechoosefun” just launched Sr. Mistu – the Great Olive Pursuit, an iPhone game about a little blind man who travels around the world with his dog Gaido to find olives for his pizza.

The game has been acclaimed worldwide from games and illustration enthusiastics. It has also been the App of the Day in and was the winner of the devUp – Developers conference in Barcelona. It has also been in the TOP 50 games list of the App Store in the USA.



3D Wire 2011 – BEST GAME: “Sr. Mistu”.

hóPLAY 2011- BEST DESIGN: “Sr. Mistu”.

DevUp Barcelona – BEST APP: “Sr. Mistu”

Cannes– GRAND PRIX: “Diesel Heidies – Diesel”.- SILVER: Promo “Quique the head – Diesel” 2010. – BRONZE: Direct response digital “Quique the head – Diesel” 2010.

El Sol – GOLD: TV (Audiovisual content) – “Quique the head” Diesel 2010. – GOLD: Online campaign – “Quique the head” Diesel 2010.

John Caples – GRAND PRIX: “Quique the head – Diesel” 2011. – GOLD: “Quique the head – Diesel” 2011.

One Show – SILVER: “Diesel Heidies – Diesel”.

CLIO Awards – SILVER: (Fresh approach) “Diesel Heidies – Diesel”. – BRONZE: (Online branded content) “Diesel Heidies – Diesel”.



To summarize up, “Wechoosefun” is an agency which is ahead of the curve in terms of installations and interactive platforms connected to social media. In addition to this, they started to design and develop apps. They have received many awards and their future looks promising. However, they have not updated their website the last year. This can be caused by many things, but professionally, it is not!



Tel: 0034 666 757 468
App Store:


1stAveMachine er et forholdsvist lille reklamebureau i hjertet af New York med 12-15 ansatte. Her producerer de film til web, tv, print og mobile. Deres fokus ligger på at udvikle idéer der binder analoge platforme sammen med en digital tankegang. Denne tilgang giver ofte sjove og skæve resultater, der formår at brænde sig fast på nethinden. Disse originale koncepter og idéer med fokus et fokus på den menneskelige forbindelse, er bureauets kerneværdi.

For at kunne producere nyskabende reklamefilm, samarbejder bureauet tit med vidt forskellige kunstnere. Dette gør at de kan udvikle koncepter der berør områder, som de ikke nødvendigvis selv behøver at mestre.

Ved OFFF 2012 i Barcelona, var 1stAveMachine repræsenteret ved Aaron Duffy, der fortalte om nogle af de kunder og deres cases han havde arbejdet på. Særligt sigende for 1stAveMachine så man de reklamefilm som bureauet havde lavet for Google. Disse involverede Google ChromeGoogle Maps, Google Translate og senest Google Fiber. Foruden Google, har 1stAveMachine også arbejdet sammen med andre store brands, såsom: Nike, Audi, Samsung, Ford, HTC, Prius og 02.

Kontakt informationer


yU+co er et stort og meget anderkendt firma, der hovedsagligt gør sig i titel sekvenser til hollywood film.

Firmaet blev grundlagt i 1998 og slog meget hurtigt igennem da de fik stor succes med titel sekvensen til filmen Enemy of the state. Siden har de arbejdet med filmbranchens største navne og sat deres præg på mange films identitet. yU+co har hovedkontor i Los Angeles og to mindre kontorer i Hong Kong og Shanghai. De alt fra instruktører, tekstforfattere og producenter til animatorer, designere, programmører og visuel effects artister. Foruden titel sekvenser laver de og grafik til reklamer, spil sekvenser, CGI og visuelle effekter til film.

Her er et udpluk af hvilke kunder de har arbejdet for:

Capcom, CBS, Cinemax, Columbia pictures, Discovery channel, DreamWorks, 20th century fox, HBO, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, Miramax, MTV, NBC, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, SAT1, Coca cola, Touchstone pictures, Universal pictures, VH1, Walt disney, Warner brothers, Emmy awards.

Her er et udpluk af de film det har lavet titelsekvenser for:

Hulk, 300, The green lantern, Cirque du freak – the vampire’s assistant, Watchmen, The day the earth stood still, Memories of a geisha, The italian job, Brokeback mountain, The fog, The Thomas Crown affair, Mercury rising, Enemy of the state, American gangster, The glass house, Taking lives, Yogi bear, Shrek, The terminal, Miracle at St. Anna, Pirates of the caribbean, Desperate housewives, Gamer.


Adresse og kontakt:

941 N. Mansfield Ave.

Hollywood, CA 90038

+1 323 606 5050

Champagne Vallentine

Anita Fontaine and Geoffrey Lillemon


Champagne Vallentine is an art Collective / designer duo consisting of Anita Fontaine and Geoffrey Lillemon. The have a joint studio from which they are working in Amsterdam Holland.

They are famous for their unik look, style and approach to designing and they are as much artists as designers. They have a wide range of clients spanning from Diesel, Nickelodeon and  T-mobile to Tate Modern.
They often work with interactive design both as websites and apps aswel as public installations, which makes them especially interesting for us as intertaktiv designers.

Champagne Valentine have been speaking at the OFFF festival not less then 3 times since the festival started back in 2001. And latest here in 2012.
The talk mainly consisted of presentations of some of the groups videos and a short presentation of each piece of work.






Rainnbow x Apocalypse


Face melter:


Since August the group have split up and are now working separately. Their website is displaying this text:

We  are moving Champagne Valentine into the basement. Aging it like a fine bubbly. Keeping the lab, the experiments the romance but expanding the first floor. New walls and floors- Geoff and Anita in new rooms with different views. Offering creative direction to run spirals around circle jerks, enlightening brands into the grand metaverse. Let’s make something delicious let’s have a dinner party. Let’s toast to a future of hybrid realities.

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